New technologies have revolutionized the economy and business, and despite the challenges that have followed, digital transformation offers unprecedented opportunities for all, and as a result, we are all seeing an increasing trend of digital adoption, especially highlighted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Recent studies of consulting company Accenture confirm this data, moreover, the results show that the companies that are ahead of the curve show a five-fold increase in revenues compared with competitors.

In particular, a global survey of more than 8,000 executives conducted by Accenture in 2019 showed that the level of adoption of new technologies is about 75%, and in 2021 already more than 90%. Among the implemented technologies are listed such as (;
- AI & Automation (Deep Learning, Machine Learning);
- Cloud (Saas, Iaas, Paas, Hybrid cloud);
- IOT (Internet of Things, edge/fog computing);
- Data (Data lakes/repository, streaming/real-time data, Big data analytics);
- Emerging Tech (Blockchain, Extended reality, Open source, 3D printing, Robotics);
- IT Infrastructure (DevSecOps, Serverless computing, Cloud Native applications, containers, docker and kubernetes, Microservice architectures, Distributed logs/event hubs, react/event driven architectures, FaaS).

A certain number of digital technologies are the most popular, for example, as the study shows, companies are focused on implementing IoT and related computing, cloud-as-a-service models in infrastructure, platforms and software, and data processing tools - in data streaming in repositories, in analytics and in real-time. Other technologies also showing an upward trend, but to a lesser extent, are technologies such as AI and Automation, IT Infrastructure (;

The high level of adoption of technologies such as cloud computing and analytics is due to the transition to a remote format of work on the background of the pandemic, ensuring the survival of business, but to ensure long-term growth, sustainability and competitiveness of business in the new environment requires focus on advanced technologies as a business driver, not just tools, ensuring survival.

Accenture's research shows that those companies that take a comprehensive approach to investing in cutting-edge technology outperform their competitors by multiples. For example, over the period from 2015 to 2018, the leader companies show double-digit revenue growth, and already in the period from 2018 to 2021, they show five-fold growth, despite the problems caused by the pandemic (;